Design and drafting of the stained glass image is done in-house. A strong art and design background provides our customers with unlimited solutions. Styles include, but are not limited to, Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, Glasgow School, Prairie School, Modernism and Realism.
Centuries old techniques are employed in the construction of glass panels. The proper combination of metal channel, came and copper foil are fused with solder to produce a structurally sound unit. Attention to detail and a steady hand are necessities during fabrication. We take pride in using the highest quality and most unique components in our custom glass designs.
Proper planning, on-site measurements and templates will produce a rapid and accurate installation. When necessary, our carpentry skills are used to complete the placement of your art work. During remodels and new construction, communication with your contactor is maintained every step of the way. This personal handling and supervision of your glass installation with be appreciated for years to come.
No one is more concerned about the proper restoration and repair of glass art than we are. Believe it or not, much of the glass and metals produced 100 years ago are still available today. We will go the extra mile to acquire the materials necessary for a historically correct solution. We know the sources. We have the means.
This service would be used in a situation where little to no influence by the conservator would or should be evident. It is more a method of stabilizing the aging process without compromising the original materials or artistic intent of the original artist. Pieces of antiquity and notoriety may fall into this category.
When it is necessary to get a more expert opinion of new work to be done, old work to be repaired or restored, we can provide you with consultation services. Documentation, photographs and recommendations are components of this service. Fees are based on the scope of the project.
Frequently, insurance companies require creating or updating the values, documentation and photographs. Current costs to recreate stained glass panels can be significantly higher than the original purchase price. It's imperative that this keeps up with the economy. A disaster can strike at any time. Falling trees, high winds, vandalism, fire and construction accidents, are all real possibilities that destroy glass. Make sure you're protected. Contact your insurance agent today and have them give us a call.

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